SOLD- $2.50 – 1847-D NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD- $2.50 – 1847-D NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 1280058-003

PCGS Lookup Number 7746

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Variety 9-N.

The 1847-D is among the more common quarter eagles from this mint. It is still possible to find a circulated example with nice color and surfaces although it is getting harder and harder to find such coins.

This choice, evenly worn example has nice rich reddish-gold and green hues on the obverse; the reverse has similar but less intense colors. The strike is a bit flat at the central reverse but this is a solid coin for the grade with excellent overall eye appeal.

The last EF45 1847-D quarter eagle with CAC approval to sell at auction was this same coin which brought $2,233 as Heritage 1/13: 6887.

A leasing, affordable D mint quarter eagle.

CAC has approved five in this grade with 18 finer.