SOLD- $2.50 – 1843 PCGS PR63CAM CAC

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SOLD- $2.50 – 1843 PCGS PR63CAM CAC


Serial Number 87869.63/25208397

PCGS Lookup Number 87869

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Without exception, Proof gold coins from the 1840’s are exceedingly rare. Many issues do not exist in this format and the more “available” ones are typically represented by three to five pieces known.

There were likely not more than five to seven Proof 1843 quarter eagles struck and these were likely part of complete copper, silver and gold sets which were made for presentation purposes. Remarkably, at least two complete original 1843 Proof sets are known.

There appear to be five different examples of Proof 1843 quarter eagles known to exist. These are as follows:

  1. This coin, likely ex Jerome Kern sale (Mehl, May 1950).
  2. A second coin graded PR63CAM by PCGS, ex Woodin, Brand, WGC:110, Bell, Pittman; part of an 1843 Proof set assembled by Pittman and later sold as part of a three coin gold Proof set by Blanchard & Co for close to $1 million in 2009.
  3. Carter: 630 (Stacks January 1984), part of an original 1843 Proof set.
  4. Smithsonian, estimated grade PR65CAM.
  5. An example which brought $66,125 in a Connecticut estate auction back in 2002.

This coin is not only rare, it is very attractive. The obverse and reverse show full mirror surfaces with nice contrast between the devices and the fields. This coin is exceptionally well made and it compares favorably to Proofs from the 1860’s and 1870’s in terms of appearance. There are no handling marks or mint-made imperfections, and just a few stray hairlines are present to limit the grade.

With one Proof impounded in a museum and two others now part of 1843 Proof sets, the chance to purchase a Proof 1843 quarter eagle is even rarer than the coin itself. In my opinion, early Proof quarter eagles are significantly undervalued when compared to larger gold proofs of this era, and a half eagle or eagle of this year, if available, would bring many multiples of my asking price.

An extremely important coin for the savvy collector and a piece which DWN is proud to offer.