SOLD- $2.50 – 1842-C PCGS EF45 CAC

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SOLD- $2.50 – 1842-C PCGS EF45 CAC


Serial Number 7724.45/30791830

PCGS Lookup Number 7724

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The 1842-C is one of the rarest Charlotte quarter eagles. I rank it as the fourth rarest overall but it is unquestionably the rarest in higher grades. It is seen most often in the VF-EF range and almost never with original color and choice surfaces.

This example is one of the nicest collector quality 1842-C quarter eagles that I have ever owned. It shows perfect, even medium green-gold color over lightly marked surfaces. The strike is not full but it is still far shaper than usual for the issue, especially in the centers. Some dirt can be seen in the recesses on the reverse.

The last PCGS EF45 with CAC approval to sell at auction realized $4,370 as Goldberg 2/12: 1170.

A lovely example of a truly rare early quarter eagle from Charlotte.

CAC has approved four in this grade with two finer.