SOLD- $2.50 – 1839-C PCGS EF45

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SOLD- $2.50 – 1839-C PCGS EF45


Serial Number 7699.45/31766767

PCGS Lookup Number 7699

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Variety 2. Recut date. The rarest of the three varieties.

The 1839-C is one of the more popular quarter eagles from the Charlotte mint. It is one of two Classic Head quarter eagles from this facility and one of two issues with the mintmark on the obverse. It is not a really scarce coin in terms of numbers known but it is very popular and hard to locate in affordable collector grades.

This is a really attractive example for the grade with even medium green-gold color and some dirt in the protected areas indicative of originality. The surfaces show light, even wear and are quite smooth for the issue with no detracting marks except for a small old mark on the horizontal lines in the shield on the reverse.

Remarkably, only two PCGS EF45 1839-C quarter eagles have sold at auction since March 2007. The last of these was ex Heritage 7/11: 4567 and it realized $3,738.

To my eyes, this example is vastly preferable to a scrubbed-up AU50 to AU53 and given the demand for nice branch mint Classic Head gold in collector grades, it should sell quickly.