SOLD- $10.00 – 1888 PCGS PR64 Cameo CAC Trompeter Pedigree

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SOLD- $10.00 – 1888 PCGS PR64 Cameo CAC Trompeter Pedigree


Serial Number 88828.64/27801021

PCGS Lookup Number 88828

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75 struck; as few as 15 or so are known. Trompeter pedigree.

Although a relatively high number of Proofs were struck, the 1888 eagle is very rare and this is probably due to a number having been melted during the American financial crisis of 1893. This is also true with proof half eagles and double eagles of this date and this can be verified by the few auction trades during the last decade.

This fresh-to-the-market example is from the famous Trompeter collection of proof gold. Many of the coins from that collection were dipped and very bright but this coin looks far more original with nice natural orange-gold color and strong contrast between the devices and the fields. What looks like a hairline in the left obverse field is a scratch on the plastic holder and there is very little in the way of marks or lines on either side.

There have been just three Proof 1888 eagles sold at auction since 1999 and the last APR is $54,625 for a PCGS PR65CAM sold by Stacks Bowers as 10/10: 5306.

This is a beautiful and very rare coin which deserves to be in the finest collection of proof Liberty Head gold coinage.

CAC has approved just two Proof 1888 eagles of any variety: this coin and a PR65 CAM.