SOLD- $10.00 – 1868-S PCGS VF30 CAC

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SOLD- $10.00 – 1868-S PCGS VF30 CAC


Serial Number 8654.30/30589381

PCGS Lookup Number 8654

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The 1868-S is an overlooked issue which is understandable when one considers how many very rare eagles there are just in the 1862-1873 time frame. Of the 13,500 struck, there are under 100 known. This date is mostly seen in VF-EF grades and it is quite rare in AU.

I bought this coin in an old PCGS VF35 thinking it was a lock to grade EF40 if not EF45. I proceeded to downgrade it and it is now the world’s nicest VF30 1868-S eagle. How can a VF30 coin have original mint luster in the protected areas you ask? Good question, as this coin has just this. It is choice, original and has lots of dirt around the stars and lettering.

There are no relevant APR’s to compare this coin to.

For those collectors who feel that there are no great values left in this series, take a moment to analyze the data on the 1868-S and see if you don’t agree with me about what a great value this date really is.

CAC has approved two in this grade with five finer.