SOLD – $20.00 – MCMVII (1907) High Relief, Wire Rim PCGS MS64 CAC

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SOLD – $20.00 – MCMVII (1907) High Relief, Wire Rim PCGS MS64 CAC


Serial Number 9135.64/06431246

PCGS Lookup Number 9135

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The oft-told story behind this coin is too long to repeat here but even in its bastardized form, the 1907 High Relief double eagle is America’s most beautiful gold coin. It is seemingly always available in MS60 to MS63 grades but properly grade fresh, original MS64′s are not easy to locate.

I carefully hand selected this pleasing coin from a small group I was offered at the recent CSNS show and I think it is extremely high end for the grade. It is undipped with natural rich green gold color with some warm reddish-gold flashes outlining the devices. The obverse is of full Gem quality; a few light scattered reverse marks narrowly remove this coin from the Gem level.

Non-CAC PCGS MS64 High Reliefs trade with regularity in the $26,000-28,000 range and I have seen a number of PCGS approved MS64′s sell for $32,500-35,000.

In my opinion, MS64 is the best value grade for this very popular issue and, as I stated above, this is an almost unimprovable coin for the grade.

CAC has approved 111 in this grade with 55 finer.