SOLD – $20.00 – 1864-S NGC MS61 CAC

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SOLD – $20.00 – 1864-S NGC MS61 CAC


Serial Number 3717003-010

PCGS Lookup Number 8942

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Before the discovery of the S.S. Brother Jonathan and S.S. Republic shipwrecks, the 1864-S double eagle was extremely rare in Uncirculated. Today, there are a few dozen known with most in the MS60 to MS62 range.

This piece is most probably from a shipwreck as it has very slightly granular surfaces. However, it doesn’t’ have the drab matte-like appearance seen on many of the Bro Jo coins. It is well struck and lustrous with marks consistent with the assigned grade. There is a small mint-made grease stain on the obverse through the ear and back into the curls which does not detract.

A non-CAC NGC MS61 1864-S double eagle realized $15,275 as Heritage 4/14: 6822.

For most Civil War collectors, this is a perfect way to fill the 1864-S double eagle slot as most MS62′s are no finer than this high end piece and such a coin would cost over $20,000 if available.

CAC has approved four in this grade with four finer.