SOLD – $20.00 – 1863-S PCGS AU58

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SOLD – $20.00 – 1863-S PCGS AU58


Serial Number 8940.58/25795660

PCGS Lookup Number 8940

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While formerly a rare date in this grade (and even more so in Uncirculated), the 1863-S is now available due to shipwreck finds. But most higher grade 1863-S double eagles are unattractive due to matte-like surfaces or splotchy color and the present example is notable for its natural surfaces.

This example is from the same source as the similarly graded 1861-S and 1862-S double eagles above and it has the best luster of the trio with booming frost on both sides. I doubt this piece saw any time in circulation but there are noticeable scuffs on both sides from bag handling and a cluster of shallow abrasions on the cheek are visible.

The most recent auction record for a non-CAC PCGS AU58 183-S double eagle is $5,405 for Heritage 4/15: 6423.

Mot collectors will not want to shell out a low five-figure sum for an MS1 example of this date, making this nice AU58 the smart choice for a high end Type One collection.