SOLD- $2.50 – 1897 PCGS PR63+DCAM CAC

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SOLD- $2.50 – 1897 PCGS PR63+DCAM CAC


Serial Number 97923.63+/25277339

PCGS Lookup Number 97923

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A total of 123 were struck and around half of these survive.

The Proof quarter eagles from the 1890′s do not command much of a premium over the 1900′s date but they are much rarer and they tend to have much better eye appeal as many issues can be found with Deep Cameo contrast between the devices and fields.

This choice example has an excellent naked-eye appearance with strong contrast and nice reflective fields. There are a few small contact marks in the obverse fields which are likely the result of collector mishandling; the reverse is fully Gem and grades PR65 on its own.

A PCGS PR63 Deep Cameo 1897 quarter eagle sold for $7,050 as Heritage 7/13: 3307. A PR64 Deep Cameo has not been available but it would be worth $11,000-13,000.

This is the only PR63+ graded by either service for this date and it represents an opportunity to purchase a nice piece of proof gold for well under $10,000.

CAC has approved two in PR63 with 12 finer.