SOLD- $20.00 – 1879-CC NGC EF45

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1879-CC NGC EF45


Serial Number 3608100-010

PCGS Lookup Number 8989

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The 1879-CC is similar in rarity to the 1878-CC and these two dates are the hardest CC double eagles from this decade to locate after the 1870-CC and 1871-CC. Most 1879-CC double eagles are found in lower grades and examples in the VF-EF range tend to have very poor eye appeal.

This clean, evenly worn example shows far fewer marks than normal for the date ad grade. There is some luster seen on both sides and the strike is sharp at the centers. The color is a light greenish-gold and the lack of marks makes this an uncommonly appealing 1879-CC.

The last comparable auction record for an NGC EF45 is this exact coin at $9,400 (see below). A CAC approved NGC EF45 sold for $11,163 as Heritage 1/14: 7166 while a nice non-CAC EF45 was bid up to $9,988 as Heritage 2/14: 5551.

For many CC double eagle collectors, this represents an unusual opportunity to obtain one of the key issues in the series at a comparatively affordable price point.

Ex Heritage 6/14: 4936 where it brought $9,400.