SOLD- $20.00 – 1877-CC PCGS AU58 CAC

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1877-CC PCGS AU58 CAC


Serial Number 8983.58/30320439

PCGS Lookup Number 8983

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The 1877-CC double eagle is numismatically significant as the first Type Three double eagle from this mint. It is seen most often in the EF40-AU50 range and properly graded AU58′s are very scarce, especially with natural color and choice surfaces. Uncirculated examples are rare and expensive with most out of reach for all but the most elite specialists.

This gem slider shows nearly full luster and just the slightest amount of wear on the high spots, mostly from bag friction. The color is “right” for the issue with a pleasing medium yellow-gold hue and the surfaces are extremely choice with just a small vertical line in front of Liberty’s mouth visible. This is among the more pleasing 1877-CC double eagles that I have handled in some time.

Another PCGS AU58 example with CAC approval brought $27,025 as Heritage 1/14: 7153 while a non-CAC PCGS AU58 realized $25,850 as Heritage 4/14: 5834.

If you can find an MS61 1877-CC with CAC approval, it is going to run $45,000-50,000 and I doubt it would have much more eye appeal than the present piece. An important opportunity for the Carson City double eagle collector.

CAC has approved nine in this grade with four finer.