SOLD- $20.00 – 1874 NGC MS60 CAC

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1874 NGC MS60 CAC


Serial Number 3746432-001

PCGS Lookup Number 8970

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The 1874 is a much scarcer date than the 1873 Open 3, 1875 and 1876 but it doesn’t sell for a huge premium. It is not often seen above MS61 to MS62.

This very frosty yellow-gold example has some scuffs on the surfaces but it is well above average for the grade. In fact, I have seen inferior examples graded MS61. Most importantly, this coin is truly “new” with no wear and limited friction on the obverse.

The only MS60 example with CAC approval to ever sell at auction was a high end PCGS coin, in an old green holder, which brought $6,169 as Heritage 2/14: 5529.

This is a choice example of an issue which I believe to be undervalued.

CAC has approved four in this grade with 11 finer.