SOLD- $20.00 – 1872-CC NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1872-CC NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 3816889-009

PCGS Lookup Number 8964

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For many collectors, the 1872-CC is the earliest date CC double eagle which is realistically obtainable. Of the 26,900 struck there are around 500 known today with most in the EF40 to AU50 range. This date is not often seen with natural color and choice surfaces and such pieces always command a premium when they are offered for sale.

This is a textbook coin for the grade with superb rich natural russet and orange-gold color atop surfaces which lack the typical deep marks. In addition, this coin has enough luster to strongly suggest an AU grade. It is likely that this 1872-CC has never been cleaned, brightened or improved ad its natural appearance is very pleasing in my opinion.

The last EF45 example to sell at auction was the Heritage 11/14: 3378 Newman coin which was not CAC approved and which, to my eyes, was overgraded by at least five points. It sold for $8,225.

I can’t recall having offered a nicer EF45 1872-CC double eagle than this.

CAC has approved nine in this grade with 22 finer.