SOLD- $20.00 – 1854 Small Date NGC AU53 CAC

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1854 Small Date NGC AU53 CAC


Serial Number 3659758-003

PCGS Lookup Number 8911

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VP-001. Repunched Date.

1854 Small Date double eagles are seen with normal dates and repunched dates. The latter are seen on about 10% of all known examples and are quite rare in AU53 or higher with natural color and surfaces.

The deeply toned example has a crusty “Euro” appearance with dark orange-gold surfaces contrasted by deeper hues on the relief details. Some marks can be seen in the lower left obverse and near the eyelid of Liberty; the reverse is cleaner and choice.

A similar quality NGC AU53 1854/1854 double eagle brought $3,687 as Great Collections 3/21014: 178290.

This scarce and interesting variety is not often seen in grades higher than this.

CAC doesn’t designate how many of the 1854 double eagles which they have approved as AU53 are this variety.