SOLD- $20.00 – 1851 NGC MS62+ CAC

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SOLD- $20.00 – 1851 NGC MS62+ CAC


Serial Number 3721951-008

PCGS Lookup Number 8904

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The 1851 is among the more available non-shipwreck dates in the Type One double eagle series. It can be located in all circulated grades and, from time to time, in the lowest Uncirculated grades. It becomes very rare in properly graded MS62 to MS63 and it is almost impossible to find above this.

This is one of the freshest, most attractive Type One double eagles of any date which I have handled and certainly the finest non-SSCA piece since the wonderful PCGS MS62+ 1850 I sold to a prominent Nevada collector earlier this year. It is literally glowing with luster and it shows exquisite delicate golden-yellow color. The details are very sharp except for the TW in TWENTY and the surfaces are very lightly marked with just a few light ticks in the fields. This piece is clearly finer than other 1851 double eagles I have seen in MS63 holders.

There are no APR’s for MS62+ 1851 double eagles. Heritage 4/14: 5787, a non-CAC coin graded MS63 by PCGS sold for $23,000 and in my opinion was nowhere near as cosmetic as this coin.

If you have been searching for a really special Type One double eagle or if you are a serious date collector, this is the coin you have been waiting for!

Ex Stack’s Bowers 3/14: 4106, as PCGS MS62, where it sold for $17,038.