SOLD- $5.00 – 1853-C NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD- $5.00 – 1853-C NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 3338959-003

PCGS Lookup Number 8254

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The 1853-C is one of the more available half eagles from the Charlotte mint. It is seen most often in the EF40 to AU50 range. Examples with choice surfaces and natural color are hard to find.

This is one of the more beautifully toned examples of this date that I have seen. Both sides show rich unadulterated coppery-orange and rose hues atop fields with some scattered marks. If this were a silver coin, it would sell for a significant premium on account of its rich, wholesome color.

Another beautifully toned EF45 example with CAC approval, this one encapsulated by PCGS, brought $2,689 as Heritage 7/12: 4871.

A perfect coin for the collector who appreciates Southern gold with splendid natural coloration.

CAC has approved six in this grade with seven finer.