SOLD- $5.00 – 1852-C NGC AU58+ CAC

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SOLD- $5.00 – 1852-C NGC AU58+ CAC


Serial Number 37188341-010

PCGS Lookup Number 8251

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The 1852-C is among the most common Charlotte half eagle which makes it perfect for use as a type coin> It is seen with original color and surfaces more than nearly any other half eagle from this mint but such coins are becoming harder and harder to find.

This is an exquisite “gem slider” with superb rich green and russet color accentuated by medium reddish shades. This coin has no real wear but just the slightest touch of friction on the cheek of Liberty; still, it has superior eye appeal to most Charlotte half eagles graded MS61 or even MS62.

The last comparable AU58 example of this date to sell at auction was a PCGS coin (not designated as a “plus”) which brought $4,600 as Stacks Bowers 11/11: 9505.

If you are a type collector looking for one very special half eagle from this mint and your budget is around $5,000 this is a coin worth your strong consideration.

CAC has approved two in this grade with 13 finer. This coin is the only 1852-C half eagle in AU58 to be accorded a plus designation by NGC.