SOLD- $5.00 – 1840-O NGC AU55

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SOLD- $5.00 – 1840-O NGC AU55


Serial Number 2605017-005

PCGS Lookup Number 8200

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Narrow Mill variety. Variety 2.

The 1840-O is numismatically significant as the very first half eagle produced at the New Orleans mint. It is more available than its counterparts from Charlotte and Dahlonega yet it is priced at a fraction of these issues in higher grades for a number of reasons. I personally feel that the 1840-O half eagle is wildly undervalued in AU50 and higher and properly graded AU55′s with natural color and choice surfaces are much harder to find than the inflated PCGS/NGC populations would have you believe.

This rich reddish-gold example shows very pleasing natural color atop surfaces which are a little bit on the baggy side but which aren’t out of keeping with the assigned grade. Probably fewer than 10% of the slabbed AU 1840-O half eagles are even remotely original.

Three NGC AU55′s appeared at auction in the last year and they sold for prices ranging from a low of $1,763 to a high of $1,998.

Great value at current levels.