SOLD- $5.00 – 1839-D NGC VF35 CAC

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SOLD- $5.00 – 1839-D NGC VF35 CAC


Serial Number 3659732-001

PCGS Lookup Number 8193

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Variety 1-A. The mintmark is mostly over the 3 in the date; this is by far the scarcer of the two varieties.

The 1839-D half eagle is numismatically significant as a one-year type coin. It is the only Liberty Head issue from Dahlonega with the mintmark on the obverse and the portrait is unique to this year as it was changed in 1840. The 1839-D is a reasonably scarce date in all grades but it is quite rare with natural color and choice surfaces.

This is a full EF40 to EF45 which has been undergraded by NGC as they have confused weakness of strike on the obverse (which is diagnostic to Variety 1-A) with wear. If you look at the reverse, you will not strong feather detail which is equivalent to that seen on an EF coin. Both sides show lovely deep, natural green-gold hues with some reddish overtones seen at the borders. A few old ticks are seen on the surfaces with none of these being at all detracting. The eye appeal is exceptional for the grade.

No VF35 examples of this date have sold at auction since January 2009. A problem-free PCGS EF40 without CAC approval realized $4,113 as HA 1/13: 7113 and that coin was nowhere near as choice as the present piece.

A perfect coin for the Dahlonega gold collector who appreciates choice, original coins but who has a limited budget.

CAC has approved this one coin in VF35 with seven finer.