SOLD- Silver $1.00 – 1801 PCGS EF45 CAC

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SOLD- Silver $1.00 – 1801 PCGS EF45 CAC


Serial Number 6893.45/26616628

PCGS Lookup Number 6893

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Bolender-1, BB-211. Wide Date; Normal T reverse.

As a date, the 1801 is seen less often than any other Bust Dollar struck after 1797. This issue is much harder to find in higher grades than the other issues from the 19th century (1800, 1802, 1802/1 and 1803) and it deserves to sell for a significant premium in EF and AU grades.

This is one of the more pleasing, original examples of this date that I have seen in some time. It is very original with medium to deep gunmetal grey centers that change to a rich golden hue; the borders are darker with deep blues that turn slightly iridescent at various points. There is enough luster present to suggest an AU50 grade but PCGS was conservative on this coin, primarily due to some weakness of strike on Liberty’s head and at the central reverse. Graded strictly by the amount of remaining luster, I see this coin as more of an AU50/AU53. There are no marks of note and light, even wear seen on both the obverse and the reverse. The eye appeal, for the date and grade, is far above average.

The last PCGS EF45 1801 dollar to sell at auction was Heritaage 5/12: 3941 which sold for $6,325. It was not approved by CAC.

As a date, there have been 732 1801 dollars graded by PCGS and NGC combined; only 36 have been approved by CAC. In EF45, the combined population is 83 coins with just three receiving CAC approval.

CAC has approved three 1801 dollars in EF45 with 18 approved in higher grades.