SOLD- Pattern Gold $1.00 – 1836 Judd-67 NGC PR64 Cameo CAC

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SOLD- Pattern Gold $1.00 – 1836 Judd-67 NGC PR64 Cameo CAC


Serial Number 3801157-002

PCGS Lookup Number 411795

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J-67, R-5. Original striking with coin die alignment.

This issue is numismatically significant as the first attempt by the U.S. mint at striking a dollar coin in gold. It is also an important issue as it one of the very few gold patterns which can be obtained without spending well into six figures.

This coin has an essentially gem quality obverse with deep, reflective fields and nice contrast. The reverse shows a little bit of roughness in the planchet, which is likely mint-made, around the value. This is unusual for this issue and I do not recall having seen it before. It is also one of the best-contrasted examples of this issue I can recall and it is certainly one of the few to have been given a “Cameo” designation by NGC.

Heritage 4/13: 4654, graded PR64 and approved by CAC, was bid to a strong $28,200. Heritage 4/13: 4655, graded PR64+CAM by NGC and approved by CAC, sold for a more realistic $18,800.

If you have ever dreamed of owning an important pattern gold coin and your budget doesn’t allow you to spend in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, this lovely little J-67 is the perfect piece for your collection.

CAC has approved two in this grade with one finer (PR65).