SOLD- H10¢ – 1834 NGC MS65 CAC Old Holder

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SOLD- H10¢ – 1834 NGC MS65 CAC Old Holder


Serial Number 6275.64/25344575

PCGS Lookup Number 4281

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Housed in an old “fatty” holder with a green label.

The Capped Bust half dime series was produced from 1829 through 1837. It is popular with date, type and variety collectors. Gems are not really rare but locating examples with superb original color is difficult. In my opinion, a properly graded MS65 example of any date of this type is an exceptional value in today’s market.

This coin was slabbed at least 20 years ago. It was a Gem then and it is a Gem now with wonderful rich multi-colored toning, in different shades and configurations, on the obverse and reverse. A few light contact marks can be seen below magnification on the obverse while the reverse is absolutely superb.

The last MS65 1834 half dime with CAC approval to sell at auction was a PCGS coin listed as Heritage 1/13: 3886. It brought $4,259. Non-CAC dipped white MS65 examples typically bring in the $2,150-2,650 range at auction.

This neat 1834 half dime has all the “bells and whistles” and should appeal to many types of collectors.

CAC has approved 11 in this grade with nine finer.