SOLD- $5.00 – 1884-CC NGC EF55 CAC

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SOLD- $5.00 – 1884-CC NGC EF55 CAC


Serial Number 2646562-001

PCGS Lookup Number 8365

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It is hard to call any Carson City half eagle overlooked but the 1884-CC is scarcer than most people realize, especially in higher grades. There are between 200-250 known from an original mintage of 16,402 and most are found in the EF40 to AU50 range. Properly graded AU55 to AU58 pieces are about the best available for the issue and examples with natural color are very scarce.

This natural russet-gold piece is one of the more original 1884-CC half eagles which I have seen. It shows sharp overall detail and the surfaces are extremely clean with no detracting marks visible to the naked eye. Dirt is caked around many of the stars, a further indication of this coin’s originality.

Two NGC AU55 1844-CC half eagles with CAC approval have been auctioned in the last two years. One brought $6,169 as Heritage 4/14: 6501 while the other realized $7,638 as Heritage 1/13: 7244.

This date is rare and expensive in Uncirculated, meaning that a nice CAC approved AU55 is a sensible purchase for most Carson City half eagle collectors.

CAC has approved five in this grade with 10 finer; these figures are likely inflated by resubmissions.