SOLD- 25¢ – 1842-O Small Date PCGS VF20 CAC

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SOLD- 25¢ – 1842-O Small Date PCGS VF20 CAC


Serial Number 5403.20/27806638

PCGS Lookup Number 5403

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Along with the 1849-O, the 1842-O Small Date is the rarest quarter of this design from the New Orleans mint. It is not often seen in collector grades and most in the F-VF range are “no grades” due to having been cleaned or mishandled.

This attractive “circulated cameo” show deep rose-grey color with lighter devices. The wear is even and LIBERTY is bold except for the L which shows some weakness. There is a small obverse spot in the field between star five and the shoulder and an old, hard-to-see reverse scratch through the right wing into the base of the shield.

The last PCGS VF20 example of this variety to sell at auction was Heritage 11/11: 3314 which sold for $2,530 while a PCGS VF25 brought $3,055 as Heritage 2/14: 3366. Neither was approved by CAC.

A very pleasing example of this very scarce issue.

CAC has approved two in this grade with five finer.