SOLD-$20.00 – 1862-S NGC AU55 CAC

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SOLD-$20.00 – 1862-S NGC AU55 CAC


Serial Number 3658239-002

PCGS Lookup Number 8938

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In my experience, the 1862-S is the hardest Civil War era San Francisco double eagle to locate in higher grades and most of the examples which I see in AU55 and AU58 holders have been processed and show numerous marks.

This is a clean, choice piece with nice natural medium to deep orange-gold color which is a bit more intense on the obverse than on the reverse. The strike is, as always, not fully defined at the centers but the borders are sharp. The surfaces are extremely clean for the issue with just a few small marks seen in the fields. I like this coin more than most 1862-S double eagle which I see in AU58 holders.

The last three auction records for NGC AU55 examples of this date are $4,025; one of these had CAC approval. In my opinion, the present example is far superior in terms of quality and eye appeal.

A very pleasing example and good value as an AU58 would cost thousands more and very possibly wouldn’t be as choice as this high end AU55.

CAC has approved four in this grade with 16 finer.