SOLD – $10.00 – 1801 PCGS MS63

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1801 PCGS MS63


Serial Number 8564.63/25325956

PCGS Lookup Number 8564

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BD_2, R-2.

Capped Bust Right eagles were made from 1797 through 1804. The two issues seen most often are the 1799 and the 1801. The latter is common in circulated grades and sometimes seen in the lowest Uncirculated grades but it is rare in properly graded MS63 and nearly unavailable choicer than this.

This choice, attractively toned example has multi-hued green-gold and reddish splashes below an overtone of rich orange-gold. There are not many marks seen in the fields and what is present is certainly not out of keeping with the assigned graded. On the obverse there is a shallow mint-made planchet void on the chin of Liberty and the reverse shows some moderate mint-made adjustment marks from the neck of the eagle through the shield and into the arrow shafts.

Only three MS63 1801 eagles have sold at auction since the end of 2012. A PCGS MS63 brought $55,813 as Stack’s Bowers 4/13: 1349 and a much inferior PCGS example realized $48,469 as Heritage 9/13: 6805.

With PCGS MS64 examples of this date worth over $100,000 (and seldom if ever available), this pleasing MS63 represents just about the nicest quality for this date and for the Capped Bust Right type.