SOLD – $1.00 – 1880 NGC PR64CAM CAC, ex Eliasberg

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SOLD – $1.00 – 1880 NGC PR64CAM CAC, ex Eliasberg


Serial Number 380363-002

PCGS Lookup Number 87630

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One of just 36 struck and pedigreed to the famous Eliasberg Collection.

Proof 1880 gold dollars, as with all gold denominations struck this year, are very rare and under-appreciated. Of the 36 Proof gold dollars struck, there are probably not more than 20 or so known with most in the PR64 to PR65 range.

This piece is easily identifiable as a Proof by the diagnostic repunching seen in the bottom loop of the first 8, a feature not seen on business strikes. It shows attractive rich natural russet-gold color and is fully reflective. There is nice contrast between the frosted devices and the fields and there are no significant hairlines or signs of mishandling.

Only two PR64 examples of this date have sold at auction in the past decade.

It is hard to buy great Proof gold coins in the low five figure range but this piece is truly rare, very attractive and exceptionally well pedigreed.

CAC has approved three in PR64CAM with one finer.

Ex Heritage 4/15: 6050 at $11,163; earlier sold as Lot 69 in the October 1982 Eliasberg Collection auction where it brought $6,875.