SOLD – $1.00 – 1872 PCGS PR66DCAM CAC

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SOLD – $1.00 – 1872 PCGS PR66DCAM CAC


Serial Number 97622.66/25603575

PCGS Lookup Number 97622

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By virtue of its low mintage, all Proof gold coinage dated 1872 is very rare. Only 30 Proof 1872 gold dollars were made and the surviving population is likely in the area of 15-20 coins. Many 1872 Proof gold dollars shows mint-made lintmarks and other small planchet impairments while only a few have enough contrast to term “Deep Cameo.”

This amazing Gem example was formerly graded PR67 Ultra Cameo by NGC and it is likely the finest known Proof 1872 dollar. It shows heavy contrast on the obverse with a fully frosted portrait set against watery, hairline-free fields. The reverse is also well-contrasted and its surface is superb with no chips, lintmarks or signs of numismatic mishandling. The eye appeal is exceptional and this piece is virtually “as made.”

This is the sole PR66DCAM recorded by PCGS with none finer. NGC has graded two in PR66 Ultra Cameo with one finer (a PR67UC). There is no suggested value for this date in PR66DCAM in the PCGS Price Guide while the NGC valuation is $32,000.

An NGC PR66UC sold for $21,150 as Heritage 8/12: 5271; it was approved by NGC. The other known NGC PR67 UC sold three different times in 2006 and 2007 at levels between a low of $28,150 and a high of $36,225.

This splendid little coin has been off the market for well over a decade and it is clearly the finest Proof 1872 gold dollar that I have seen or sold. It would be an exciting project for the ambitious collector to assemble an 1872 gold Proof set based around this piece!

CAC has approved two in this grade with none finer.