SOLD – $1.00 – 1855-D Type Two PCGS MS61. Full Date.

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SOLD – $1.00 – 1855-D Type Two PCGS MS61. Full Date.


Serial Number 21026483

PCGS Lookup Number 7534

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PCGS designated as Full Date on holder. Green Pond Collection Pedigree.

This numismatically significant issue is the only Type Two gold dollar from the Dahlonega mint. It is the second rarest gold dollar from Dahlonega in terms of overall rarity and it is the single rarest in high grade. Only 1,811 were struck of which 75-100 are known in all grades. The 1855-D is exceedingly rare in Uncirculated with just four or five known. As far as I know, the other Uncirculated pieces are off the market in tightly held collections and this PCGS example might be the only piece that is available to collectors for years to come.

The vast majority (close to 90%) of the known survivors show weakly impressed dates and this example is notable for having an exceptional quality of strike. In fact, it is as bold as on any 1855-D that I have seen. This piece is quite lustrous with attractive lime-green color that is accentuated by flashes of crimson at the lower central obverse and a lighter shade at the central reverse. Some clashmarks at the centers ar clearly visible and they add a “neatness” factor to the visual appeal; a small old scratch extends up from between UN in UNITED into the center of the neck.

There has not been another MS61 example of the 1855-D sold since this coin appeared in 2004 (see the pedigree below) and in the nearly nine years that have elapsed, the demand for this issue has grown considerably. Choice EF’s in PCGS holders are now worth in the low 20′s and decent PCGS AU’s are trading in the 30-35k range, making this an excellent value and an important addition to an advanced set of Dahlonega gold coinage.

Ex: Vasquez Rocks collection, Heritage 1/04: 1008 ($46,000), Green Pond collection, sold privately to Doug Winter from the Duke’s Creek collection, Stack’s Auction ’84: 1301 ($10,450)