SOLD – $1.00 – 1855-C PCGS VF30

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SOLD – $1.00 – 1855-C PCGS VF30


Serial Number 7533.30/28105519

PCGS Lookup Number 7533

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The 1855-C gold dollar is a popular standalone issue as it is the only Type Two gold dollar from the Charlotte mint. It is much scarcer than its counterparts from New Orleans and San Francisco and is exceeded in rarity among the branch mint Type Two issues only by the 1855-D. The 1855-C is usually seen in VF and EF grades and it is seldom found with anything approaching decent eye appeal.

This is an uncommonly choice and original example with enough detail to grade VF35 to EF40 but PCGS has chosen to ignore the weakness of strike at the obverse and focus on the wear. The coloration is exceptional with crisp amber-gold peripheral hues at the obverse and a more even russet and green-gold on the reverse. The surfaces show some mint-made granularity as on 90% of the known 1855-C dollars but they are choicer than on most. The reverse, by itself, is a choice EF45 with a sharp date and bold mintmark. I have seen many, many examples in EF40 holders with far less eye appeal.

A very undergraded PCGS VF30 sold for $9,968 as Heritage 6/14: 5566/ A more relevant record is a PCGS VF35 which sold for $4,700 as Heritage 1/13: 6783.

It is almost impossible to find a decent quality, damage-free 1855-C gold dollar for less than $4,000.