SOLD – $1.00 – 1853-C PCGS MS61

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SOLD – $1.00 – 1853-C PCGS MS61


Serial Number 7522.61/33389414

PCGS Lookup Number 7522

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Variety 1.

The 1853-C is one of the more available gold dollars from this mint but it is rarer in high grades than the 1851-C and the 1852-C. There are around 20-25 known in strict Uncirculated grades with most in the MS60 to MS62 grades.

This is an unquestionably “new” coin with full luster and no wear or friction on the high spots. The color is a natural yellowish-gold with some medium orange-gold seen on the reverse. The strike is sharp, especially on the obverse and the diagonal depression seen on the reverse at the center is mint-made and caused by foreign matter adhering to the die at the time of striking.

The only PCGS MS61 1853-C gold dollar to sell at auction in over a decade (!) brought $5,750 as Heritage 9/05: 4229.

This is the best available quality for this date at less than $5,000.