Proof Set – 1901; 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, S$1

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Proof Set – 1901; 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, S$1

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This fresh to the market set is clearly original as indicated by the evenly matched coloration on the silver coins. It was stored for many years in a hard plastic holder, thus the coins did not tone extensively. A maximum of 813 sets were produced. The six coins in the set are as follows:

1¢ PR65RB CAC Around 95% of the original red shows and were it not for a few specks on the obverse this gorgeous coin would likely grade a point or two higher.

PCGS Pop: 73/47; NGC Pop: 63/39; CAC Pop: 10/14; PCGS Price Guide: 625


5¢ PR67 Holy Moly…what a coin! Very reflective with unmarked, dazzling surfaces. I can’t begin to imagine why this coin didn’t sticker at CAC as it is amazing!

PCGS Pop: 32/1; NGC Pop: 32/5; PCGS Price Guide: 1800


10¢ PR67 CAC Mostly white with some russet and crimson color at the edges. An exceptional and essentially “as made” coin.

PCGS Pop: 5/0; NGC Pop: 15/2; CAC Pop: 4/1; PCGS Price Guide: 4450


25¢ PR64CAM CAC A bit of pastel toning can be seen, especially on the obverse. This coin looks like a PR66CAM but has some ultra-fine slidemarks on the face.

PCGS Pop: 12/32; NGC Pop: 4/38; CAC Pop: 2/21; PCGS Price Guide: 1500


50¢ PR64+ The obverse grades a full PR66; some light hairlines on the upper reverse are hard to see without strong magnification.

PCGS Pop: 67/66; NGC Pop: 67/114; PCGS Price Guide: 2000


S$1 PR65 This is always a popular issue due to the extreme rarity of Gem business strikes. This Gem is fully white with a clean cheek and a lovely overall appearance.

PCGS Pop: 11/13; NGC Pop: 8/10; PCGS Price Guide: 8250

In all, this original matched set contains six coins which are in consecutively numbered PCGS holders. I believe that sets like this are one of the best values in all of American numismatics and I would be surprised if more than two dozen non-assembled 1901 Proof sets still exist.