SOLD – $2.50 – 1839-D NGC AU50

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1839-D NGC AU50


Serial Number 3841737-006

PCGS Lookup Number 7700

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Variety 1-A.

The 1839-D is numismatically significant both as a one-year type and as the first quarter eagle produced at the Dahlonega mint. There are a few hundred known but this date has always had a greater level of demand than other Dahlonega quarter eagles due to the many sectors of the market who seek examples for their sets.

The obverse of this coin has splashes of pleasing reddish color, primarily at the border, while the reverse shows similar but less extensive hues. As is often seen on examples of this variety, the reverse is not well defined on the wings but there is enough luster and body present to justify the assigned grade. The fields are peppered with small abrasions with the most notable being located on the obverse in the right field.

A total of three straight-graded AU50 1839-D quarter eagles have been sold at auction since the end of 2010. An NGC coin brought $7,150 in August 2012, another sold cheaply at $6,188 in April 2013 while a low-end PCGS piece sold for $6,750 in August 2014.

This is a pleasing, comparatively affordable example of a truly popular Dahlonega quarter eagle.