SOLD – $2.50 – 1824/1 PCGS MS64

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1824/1 PCGS MS64


Serial Number 7663.64/28103861

PCGS Lookup Number 7663

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BD-1, R-5.

The Capped Head Left quarter eagle type was made from 1821 to 1827. In five years of production, only 17,042 coins were made and all of these dates are, at the very least, rare. The 1824/1 had an original mintage of 2,600 of which an estimated 50-60 are known. Most of the survivors are in the AU50 to MS60 range. In Uncirculated, this issue is very rare and the current example is likely the second finest known after the Gem Bass coin which is currently in the ANA Museum.

The obverse of this coin is very choice with frosty luster and little of the weakness of strike at the center which is typical for the issue. There are a few tiny marks, a light mint-made grease stain protruding from the throat and a light area of coppery toning alongside the bridge of the nose. The reverse is of Gem quality and it is more satiny in texture with no marks of note and great eye appeal. The color on both sides is a rich natural green-gold with some slight reddish overtones which are more pronounced on the obverse.

No PCGS MS64 example of this date has ever sold at auction. The other PCGS MS64, which is illustrated on, is a former NGC MS64 coin which was sold at auction three times between 1997 and 2001 and, at least based from the pictures online, does not appear to be as choice as this example. An NGC MS63 brought $50,600 back in June 2005 in an ANR auction.

This coin is important for many reasons. It represents what is likely the finest available 1824/1 for the date collector and one of the single finest examples of the entire Capped Head Left quarter eagle type. It is the sort of coin which is typically available only at major auction sales and the chance to own a coin such as this truly might occur only once per decade; if that.