SOLD – $10.00 – 1870-CC PCGS EF45

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1870-CC PCGS EF45


Serial Number 8658.45/25094609

PCGS Lookup Number 8658

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The 1870-CC is the single rarest Carson City eagle in terms of overall rarity. Only 5,908 were made and an estimated 50-60 are known today with most in the F-VF range. Properly graded EF examples are very rare and most of the coins I have seen in 40 and 45 holders in the last decade have been processed and heavily abraded. The present example is one of the two or three finest EF’s I know of.

The obverse and reverse show very attractive natural russet-gold color which is the exact “right” shade for the issue. Some luster can be seen in the protected areas and the strike is slightly better than average with only minor weakness in the centers. The centers are better than average for the date and grade. There are a few very light ticks in the obverse fields which are mostly hidden by the depth of the aforementioned color while the reverse is very choice except for a small mint-made spot which can be seen just above the top arrowhead. Some dirt can be seen in the recesses and the overall level of eye appeal is really high.

The most recent auction result for an EF45 1870-CC eagle is $49,938 for an NGC graded example which, in my opinion, was very low end. A PCGS EF45 brought $48,300 as Goldberg 2/12: 1747 and two other PCGS 45’s realized $46,000 in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

This is an issue whose rarity and fame transcends its origin. It is famous for being the first the first year of issue for a Carson City Liberty Head eagle and the single most desirable of the 19 eagles made at this facility. But it is also a coin which isn’t that much less rare than its counterpart the 1870-CC double eagle yet it currently sells for a fraction of the price.

I sold this coin to its last owner many years ago in an NGC EF45 holder and it recently crossed to PCGS. This is the first time it has been available in close to 20 years and once it is sold, it may be quite some time before a comparable example is up for sale.

Ex Northern California Set.