SOLD – $10.00 – 1866-S No Motto PCGS EF45 CAC

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1866-S No Motto PCGS EF45 CAC


Serial Number 8644.45/3691163

PCGS Lookup Number 8644

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No Motto variety.

The 1866-S No Motto eagle is a numismatically important coin which is both a transitional issue (varieties of 1866-S are known with and without the motto) and it is the final year of issue for the No Motto Liberty Head eagle. There are likely no more than 50 known from an original mintage of just 8,500 and this is one of the rarest gold coins ever produced at the San Francisco mint. Survivors are most often seen in the VF-EF range and AU’s are extremely rare with fewer than 10 known. The extensive Bentley holdings didn’t include an example of the 1866-S No Motto $10.00.

This coin, which is housed in an old pre-barcode blue label holder, is remarkably choice for the date and grade. It has extremely clean surfaces and nice medium russet color with a good deal of underlying luster. The average example shows decidedly inferior eye appeal and this is, aesthetically, one of the nicest 1866-S No Motto eagles which I have ever seen.

Only one PCGS EF45 1866-S No Motto eagle has sold at auction since 2004 and it brought $14,950 as Stacks Bowers 8/11: 9572. That coin wasn’t choice for the grade and it lacked a CAC sticker. Earlier this year, I sold a non-CAC PCGS EF40 example for $13,500.

San Francisco eagles have finally achieved critical mass after years of neglect and most advanced collections lack an example of this date, let alone a choice PCGS/CAC one.

CAC has approved two in this grade with none finer. Only three have been approved in total.