SOLD – $10.00 – 1865-S, 865/Inv. 186, PCGS VG08, OGH

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1865-S, 865/Inv. 186, PCGS VG08, OGH


Serial Number 8643.08/8324028

PCGS Lookup Number 8643

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Inverted Date variety. Housed in an old green label holder.

There are two varieties of 1865-S eagle known: the normal date and the inverted date with the first three digits entered upside down and then corrected. Both varieties are quite rare. There are an estimated 40-50 known 1865-S inverted date eagles with many of these very well worn.

These piece is extensively worn but the details are clear and the mispunched date can clearly be seen with light magnification. The obverse is close to Fine in terms of its sharpness; the reverse (as usual for the variety) is not as bold. The color is a pleasing russet hue and there are no problems noted on the surfaces.

An NGC F12 example of this variety, which appears to be comparable in quality to this VG8, brought $2,990 as Heritage 2/12: 4894. The other PCGS VG8 example, also in an old green label holder but less choice than the current piece, sold for $1,15o back in the 2004 ANA auction.

For the money, you won’t find a rarer Liberty Head eagle than this.