SOLD – $10.00 – 1861 NGC AU58 CAC

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1861 NGC AU58 CAC


Serial Number 3809765-006

PCGS Lookup Number 8633

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The 1861 is by far the most available Civil War eagle, but this is based on all the other coins being at the very least scarce, and most are rare to very rare. The 1861 is scarce in Choice AU and hard to locate in the lower Mint State grades.

I bought this coin from an extremely sharp wholesale dealer who told me he tried it a number of times for an MS61 grade. It is easy to see why, and there is no real wear and the luster is excellent. In addition, the color is a natural yellow-gold with rose tinges and this is exactly what an undipped 1861 eagle should look like.

The only NGC AU58 1861 eagle to sell in recent years brought $4,113 as Heritage 7/14: it had a significant contact mark in the left obverse field.

An affordable, high-quality Civil War eagle and desirable as such.

CAC has approved nine in this grade with seven finer.