SOLD – $10.00 – 1860-S PCGS VF35

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1860-S PCGS VF35


Serial Number 8632.35/33916081

PCGS Lookup Number 8632

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A strong case can be made for calling this the second rarest San Francisco eagle after the 1864-S and I have handled many more of the latter in the last few years than I have of this issue. There are around 35-45 known 1860-S eagles from a mintage of just 5,000 and this date is very rare in higher grades.

This fresh example has the sharpness of an EF40 but it has been net graded as a VF35 due to some old hairlines from an ancient wipe. This was clearly done many decades ago as the coin has a warm russet appearance with some remaining luster. There are a few small marks which a scrape above the right side of the date and a scratch running across the face of Liberty. I am being pretty harsh on what is really a good looking coin for the date and grade and this piece will impress in person.

The last VF35 1860-S eagle to sell at auction was a PCGS coin which realized $6,900 as Heritage 1/08: 4420. I haven’t handled one in any grade in close to three years.

If you appreciate truly rare US gold coins, here is a rare opportunity to own an affordable example of one of the ten rarest Liberty Head eagles either type.