SOLD – $10.00 – 1856-S PCGS MS63 CAC, SSCA

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1856-S PCGS MS63 CAC, SSCA


Serial Number SSCA 6095

PCGS Lookup Number 8621

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Among the thousands of gold coins found in the treasure of the S.S. Central America, a total of 98 ten dollar gold pieces were located. Of these, 52 were from the San Francisco mint and nearly half (25 to be exact) were dated 1856-S. The two finest SSCA 1856-S eagles–and the two finest currently known for the entire issue–are an MS62 and an MS63. Last offered for sale in 2000, this extremely important coin is likely the very finest known 1856-S and it ranks as perhaps the finest known pre-Civil War San Francisco eagle of any date.

This coin is housed in its original gold foil label holder and it is conservatively graded by today’s standards. I grade it at least an MS63 with a strong shot to grade MS64. It is also semi-prooflike although not quite reflective enough to be designated as “PL.” My best estimate is that there are no more than four or five true Uncirculated 1856-S known with this being clearly the current finest. It is very choice and vibrant with exceptional surfaces and the quality of strike which is all but unheard of on an early date San Francisco mint eagle. The obverse shows splashes of rich orange-gold color; some natural haze can be seen on the reverse at the upper left quadrant.

The only auction record for this date is this exact coin which sold for $19,550 back in the Christie’s sale of December 2000.

This is not an easy coin to figure a value on. As a regular, non-SSCA finest known 1856-S eagle, I would price this coin in the $50,000-60,000 range. Clearly it deserves a pedigree premium but obviously not the 4x or 5x value push it would get were it grade, say, EF45. I think my price is fair and it reflects this coins dual importance as the finest known for the date and a major SSCA rarity.

Here is one of the most important Eagles that I’ve had the honor to sell in 2015 and a coin that cant be duplicated for nearly any amount of money.

CAC has approved one in this grade with none finer.

Ex Christie’s 12/00: 73 where it sold for $19,550.