SOLD – $10.00 – 1854-O Small Date NGC AU53

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SOLD – $10.00 – 1854-O Small Date NGC AU53


Serial Number 3659767-002

PCGS Lookup Number 8614

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Small Date variety. Designated by NGC.

Two varieties are known for 1854-O eagles: the Large Date (which uses a silver dollar logotype) and the Small Date. In my opinion, the scarcer of the two is the Small Date and this is an issue that is hard to find in AU53 to AU55 with original color and surfaces.

This piece shows deep natural coloration with even dusky green-gold hues on both sides. There is some underlying luster and with the exception of a nick on the jaw, the surfaces show fewer marks than normal for the date and grade. It is very difficult to locate an 1854-O Small Date $10 which hasn’t been cleaned or dipped.

There have been five auction records for 1854-O Small Date eagles in AU53 since 2008 with a price range of $1,438 to $1,668.

This coin is a good value and it is nicer than most AU53 New Orleans eagles of any date which I see for sale.